Ing. Isidoro Fasolino

País: Italia
Organización: Universidad de Salermo
Línea: Infraestructura y Medio Ambiente
Programa: Ingeniería Civil
Modalidad: Virtual
Nombre Conferencia: Paradigmi urbanistici per una città che si adatta al futuro

He graduated in Civil Engineering for Soil Protection and Spatial Planning from the University of Salerno in 1988, with a thesis in Country Planning. He received his Engineering license in 1989 and is a member of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Salerno, n.2383. In 2001 he won a Research fellow in Urban Planning, in the disciplinary scientific sector SSD ICAR 20, for the project “The building regulations for the city and territory government”, at the Department of Civil Engineering (DICiv) of the University of Salerno, with effect from 1.12.2001. This research fellowship has been renewed for a further 2 years, with effect from 1.12.2002 to 30.11.2003 and from 1.12.2003 to 30.11.2004. He was a researcher in the area of Technical and urban planning at the University of Salerno from 2005 to 2015.