Giovanni Solitro

País: EEUU
Organización: Louisiana State University
Línea: Creatividad, Innovación y Emprendimiento
Programa: Maestría en Ingeniería y Gestión de la Innovación.
Nombre de la Conferencia: Patient specific modeling in orthopaedic surgery

Giovanni Solitro is Director of the Biomechanics Laboratory at Louisiana State University Health in Shreveport. Following graduation in 2010 as Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering with a dissertation on the patient-specific modeling of the human spine, he completed his postdoctoral training at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2015. He continued his work at the UIC Department of Orthopedics as Senior Research Specialist and pursued a second PhD degree with a dissertation on intraoperative assistance in pedicle screws placement. In his current position, at Louisiana State University Health, he coordinates research in organized teams composed by faculty physicians, medical students, and orthopedic residents. His main research efforts aim to assist orthopaedic surgeons with the development and evaluation of surgical approaches.